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The Small Flame Pokémon

Ability: Intimidate/Flash Fire (Hidden Ability: Gale Wings)

Evolves into Griferno via Fire Stone

Most commonly seen at the foot of large mountains, they are known to collect shiny objects and hoard them in their nests. If anyone threatens to take from their trove, they slash the assailant with their talons and shoot small bursts of flame from their beaks.

These Pokémon were once thought to congregate and cause wild fires due to the fact that they would often be seen playing in the hot embers and coals after conflagrations, wherein reality they are attracted to the glowing remnants and try to use the residual heat to strengthen their own flames.

Got the urge to splice again, so I first made this Pokémon’s evolution, and then was convinced to make this little guy. I used Growlithe as the base of the body, Pidgeotto as the front of the body, and used Moltres’ yellow for half of the feathers and Moltres’ brown for the beak and feet.

Its Intimidate Ability will play into its evolution’s Pressure Ability. I thought the Flash Fire Ability was justified by the second Pokédex Entry, and I decided on Gale Wings because I figured this Pokémon would be relatively quick, but not the fastest.

I also wanted it to have a somewhat unique typing, so I made it and its evolution have the Flying/Fire typing instead of the Fire/Flying, just thought it was a nice mix-up.

The Flame Myth Pokémon

Ability: Pressure/Flash Fire (Hidden Ability: Gale Wings)

Evolves from Grifyre via Fire Stone

Though this Pokémon is both benevolent and rarely seen, when encountered, others feel the almost unbearable urge to bow to it. It lives in caves on the tallest peaks, and for hundreds of years people thought it to be a myth, until they came to realize that Grifyre’s could evolve.

Ancient texts state that this Pokémon would protect all that deserved protection, treasuring life above all things. When unneeded, it would disappear in a burst of flame. The embers it left behind were said to stay lit for weeks, and would never burn those of a pure heart.

I got the urge to sprite again, and created this before its pre-evolution. I’m really proud of how this one turned out. I used Pidgeot and Arcanine for the body pieces, Rapidash for the fire anklets, fire “mane”, and horn. I used the fire tail from Moltres as the tail, and recoloured all of the fire supplied from Rapidash. I also used Moltres’ yellow and brown to recolour the Pidgeot, and to top it all off, I used Shiny Arcanine’s yellow for the eyes. I’m really glad how this turned out, everything seemed to go together very well, and though it took me about an hour and a half, I still think, for what it was, it was relatively easy.

I thought it would be a really cool idea to make a Griffin that wasn’t violent and greedy, and I wanted to to be even more honourable, hence the subconscious bowing, which I translated into the ability Pressure. The Flash Fire Ability comes from its pre-evolution trying to strengthen its flames, and I kept the Hidden Ability as Gale Wings because I imagine this being very fast.

While its pre-evolution would probably be physically ffensive and fast, I imagine this to be specially offensive and fast, but with added bulk and defenses due to the evolution. Though it would still have an okay attack, it would rely heavily on special attacks. I don’t really have any set ideas for Griferno or Grifyre, but I guess it doesn’t really need to be done.


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Mega Torterra

Grass / Ground

Ability: Rock Head


Artist: Dragonith